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Magneto M5
  • Magneto M5

    he Magneto M5 is an evolution in the Magneto platform. We have increased the number attachment points to 5 neodymium magnets. This new frame design allows for all Magneto lenses to fit the frame. 

    The new frame temples have a carbon checkering design enhancing the high performance appearance of the frame. The M5 is a limited edition model and being offered in 3 different kits with  a number of our top selling Chromashift lens filters:

    KIT A : 24CMX, 64CMX, 18CED, 92CHCL, 68CIMN, 50CIHC
    This is a super clays kit that provides two of our Max Orange lenses and a highlight (18CED) and low light lens (92CHCL). In this kit is our 50CIHC which is a super medium lighting condition lens with a low light neutralizer for shooting against green backgrounds.

    KIT B : PED, 22CIN, 32CIMX, 10CED, 40CN, 80HC
    This kit features some of our top lens filters and provides a nice kit for a shooter looking for an all around shooting kit. A beautiful high resolution full sun lens in the PED and five of our top selling filters from Full Sun Green Background Neutralizer (22CIN) to the 80HC for low light. A very vibrant max lens with our CMX orange lifting technology (32CIMX) and a medium lens green background Neutralizer (40CN).

    KIT C : 60CHCW, 98AR, 50CIHC, 92CHCL 24CMX, 52CHC
    This is our specialty kit, it has our highly sought after watermelon lens (60CHCW) and our top selling 52CHC medium lighting lens that offers a super balanced lens raising all color with a slight nod to the orange and red piece of the color spectrum.


      $3,800.00 Regular Price
      $3,230.00Sale Price
      Excluding Sales Tax
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