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Magic Eye Dots for shooting glasses
  • Magic Eye Dots for shooting glasses

    Made of new space age materials · Allow precise placement on lenses · Can be removed easily and repositioned.

    Why do as many as 80% of all shooters close one eye?

    They do it to overcome double vision, ghost images or cross-eye dominance - - all of which can lead to serious accuracy problems.  About 40% of the population is affected, to some degree, by cross-eye dominance in which the dominant eye is opposite the shooting hand.
    The purpose of the translucent Magic Dot, when applied to the lens of shooting glasses over the offending eye, is to subtly screen it out of the aiming process while maintaining the key advantages of two-eyed vision - -depth perception and peripheral vision. 
    Magic Dot was designed to correct cross dominance, double vision, ghost imaging, and eye/hand coordination problems for shooters.


    In the shooting position, place a dot on the inside of your lens in a spot that causes slight fuzziness to the non shooting eye. Often these dots will match the color of your lens and will stay in place.

    Proper placement will force a switched focus to your shooting eye.

    Comes in one full sheet of 24 magic dots and 2 magic rectangles.
    Both shapes can be trimmed if desired.

      $19.00 Regular Price
      $16.15Sale Price
      Excluding Sales Tax
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